We are creators and distributors of experiences, activities and guided tours in Spain.

Our way of traveling is choosing and creating the services with the best relationship between the three main values of the company: quality, price and smiles! And of course, providing each service in the customers’ language.

Hence the importance of our brand, Discovering Spain, and our logo which is capable of capturing the best smiles.

Thanks to our professional experience and proximity to the national territory, we have been able to establish the necessary links so that our tourist experiences in Spain are meaningful.

Anera Travel y Discovering Spain especialistas en viajes

We were born as a local Travel Agency and we have grown thanks to the care of the local guides all around Spain. Showing and getting to know every corner of our country is the passion that makes us different.

We are able to combine the guiding profession with the passion for traveling, discovering and showing the world. This is why since 2014 we have been working so that whoever visits Spain can discover almost all the big cities, the most beautiful corners and those places that, due to their uniqueness, one day made us fall in love.

Discovering Spain was never easier

We want to make travelers much more than tourists.

This is the great aim of Discovering Spain. Our tours are unique for all these reasons:


Easy booking

All our tours are easy to buy.


We are a team behind this website and we will accompany you before, during and after coming to any destination in Spain.

Trust-worthy friends in Spain

We love to say that we don’t gain customers, we make friends.


Products designed by local guides

We work with local guides so that the experience is real and unique in each place.

We collaborate with local Agencies throughout Spain

We grow thanks to collaboration as the basis of our company policy: guides, DMC agencies and stake-holders are getting closer every day.

We work side by side with agencies and guides from all over Spain. We provide more than 80 products throughout the country to more than 200 travel agencies.

Tours, activities, day trips and guided tours are very focused on the customer, their full experience in the destination and their satisfaction.

If you are a local guide, incoming agency or just want to design the best travel experience for your customers, join us and let’s work together offering unique activities.