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Friendly and majestic, the perfect description of a province that seduces the visitor for its unequaled beauty. The city of Granada and its province make anyone fall in love. The singular and famous flamenco charm in the Sacromonte, the city of the Alhambra and the wonders of nature that are displayed in impossible landscapes such as those of the Geopark. It is the best choice for lovers of culture and nature.

Why visiting the city of Granada?

We are goung to give you many reasons why you should visit Granada on this list of essential places in the city. But the main reason for visiting Granada city is given by the beauty and magic of the citadel of the Alhambra, which has inspired many artists that fell in love with it and Granada.

Nobody remains impassive: from local artists who were born in Granada such as Federico García Lorca, to those who one day visited the city and the province and were captivated by its beauty, such as Washington Irving, who ended up writing works such as ‘Tales of the Alhambra’.

Must-see in the city of Granada

From the places you should miss in Granada, we suggest you this list with the must-see

The monumental citadel that makes up the Alhambra in Granada is the essential of the city and the province. Moreover, if you are in Malaga, Seville, etc. you must also come and see one of the most visited monuments in Andalusia.

Get lost  in one of the monumental complexes that are preserved almost intact which was a long time ago the city of ancient palaces, gardens and fortresses that housed the court of the Nasrid Kingdom.

Albayzin, one of the most emblematic neighborhoods in the city of Granada, is the area that today preserves all the splendor of the Arab world that once dominated our city.

If we had to highlight something about this neighborhood, it would be where to stop to take the most beautiful photo ever imagined at the Mirador de San Nicolas (St. Nicholas’ viewpoint). From here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Alhambra which is considered the most beautiful sunset in Europe.

Wandering around this place means finding a labyrinth of white-washed houses, typical bars and tea shops in each square.

Right next to Albayzin, we will find the famous neighborhood called Sacromonte.It is well-known for being the cradle of flamenco, but also because of the famous cave-houses where gypsies and artists from Granada play their music. Currently, this is all mixed with the cave houses at the Cerro de San Miguel and Camino del Sacromonte, as well as the caves offering daily flamenco shows.

Another emblematic neighborhoods is Realejo, the ancient Jewish quarter of the city of Granada. It offers many contrasts to its visitors bringing together areas with the best mural paintings of the famous ‘Niño de las Pinturas’, important squares such as Campo del Príncipe, and much more. Click here to discover more.


In the city center stands the Cathedral of Granada, a symbol of the Catholic conquest. When Isabella the Catholic queen managed to conquer the city, the first thing she did was to order the construction of a Cathedral over the main mosque of Granada, making this temple a unique masterpiece in Spain.

The Catholic Monarchs also ordered the creation of the Royal Chapel in the square just behind the Cathedral. With an Elizabethan Gothic style, it was chosen to be the burial place of the Catholic Monarchs and it can still be visited today.  Apart from them, you will also  see the burial of their daughter, the so-called Juana la Loca, and her husband Felipe el Hermoso. In fact, you will discover that there are other people buried here but you must visit the place to learn more.

The must-see attractions in the province of Granada

If you have decided to visit the city of Granada, you must leave time to delve into the beauty of its province. You will see it has plenty of contrasts, regions and areas that can be separated and differentiated by the natural beauty of its orography, landscapes and of course, culture or rather, cultures.

It is located in the South-East of the Iberian Peninsula between the Penibética mountain range and the coast of Granada known as the Tropical Coast. Now, let’s talk about the best plans to organize your stay.

Sierra Nevada is well known for the Ski Resort at Padrollano which belongs to Monachil. These mountains are part of the Penibaetic System and rise up covered with snow in winter and will make any visitor fall in love with them.

From any point of the city you can see the mountains and they have so much to offer that it becomes one of those places that you shouldn’t miss.

In the National Park of Sierra Nevada, you will find Güéjar Sierra with impressive landscapes such as ‘Vereda de la Estrella’ or  Monachil with an impressive path with suspension bridges and wonders such as Los Cahorros. Climbing up the Mulhacen or Veleta peaks are other great activities that you can do if you decide to get to know the Great Mountains of Granada.

When the Arabs were expelled from the city of Granada they chose what is known as Alpujarra. Located in the South-east part of the province of Granada, the region is the one that occupies most of the South face of Sierra Nevada and is characterized by its rugged relief.

An interesting fact is that we can talk about two Alpujarras, because one is the best known, the Alpujarra of Granada, while the other is the Alpujarra of Almeria. The differentiation comes because of the location of the lands they occupy in each province.

Getting to know this area is learning about its white villages, understanding its architecture and its famous terraos (flat roofs) that make up the characteristic landscape of this area.

Nature, culture and legend come together in this destination. There are many places you shouldn’t miss, to mention but a few: Lanjarón, Pampaneira, Capileira, Trevélez…

The coast of Granada is called Tropical Coast because it has a special microclimate, the unique beauty of towns like Nerja or Frigiliana, and the simplicity of Granada that can be seen in each of the most important beaches of this coast.

This tropical area that has an average temperature of 18ºC (64,4 °F) in winter and 25ºC (77ºF) in summer. For this reason,  this unique coast  by the Mediterranean has become a unique place to grow tropical fruits and vegetables in an artisanal way and with a quality. Here the sun shines all year round.

There are many places to visit, but possibly one of the least well-known is the impressive Geopark of Granada which was recently declared as such for its unique orography and landscapes.

The Geopark integrates 72 places of geological interest, some of them of international relevance and an extension of 4,722 km2. It can be easily compared to the famous Colorado Canyon by lovers of the most impressive landscapes.

Two main destinations deserve to be visited: Guadix and Gorafe. On the one hand, Guadix has cultural interest, being full of life and tradition that stands out for its landmarks and its famous neighborhood of the cave-houses. On the other hand, Gorafe is a place of archaeological interest par excellence. The Gorafe Megalithic Park surrounds the municipality with places of archaeological interest spread throughout its geography. Currently it is possible to make a stop at the Interpretation Center and learn about the history and legends surrounding this unique area of the province of Granada.


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