What to do in Sevilla

Excursions and activities in Sevilla

Sevilla is a captivating city located in the southwest of Spain, known for its rich history, cultural charm, and vibrant atmosphere. Situated in the province of Sevilla, this Andalusian gem offers a multitude of attractions and experiences for visitors to enjoy.

Why visit the city of Sevilla?

Sevilla is unique and captivating, attracting numerous visitors with its beauty and singularity. From its impressive architecture and traditional festivals to its delicious cuisine and lively nightlife, Sevilla offers an unforgettable experience.

Must-see places in the city of Sevilla

Here are some of the must-see places in the city of Sevilla:

Climb up La Giralda, the former minaret of the original mosque, to enjoy panoramic views of the city. Visit the imposing Sevilla Cathedral, the third largest in the world, and admire its impressive Gothic architecture.

Immerse yourself in the charm of Barrio de Santa Cruz, the old Jewish quarter of Sevilla. Stroll through its narrow cobblestone streets, discover its flower-filled plazas, and be captivated by its charming patios.

Explore the Real Alcázar, a dreamlike palace with beautiful gardens and impressive architecture. Immerse yourself in the history of the kings and queens who once inhabited this magnificent place and admire its detailed tiles and decorations.

Visit Plaza de España, an impressive square built for the 1929 Ibero-American Exposition. Walk around its majestic buildings and stroll through its beautiful gardens. Don’t forget to take a boat ride along its central canal.

Relax in Parque de María Luisa, an extensive park filled with lush vegetation and beautiful corners. Enjoy a peaceful walk, rest by its fountains, and admire the monuments and statues that adorn the park.

What to see in the Province of Sevilla?

Beyond the city of Sevilla, the province offers diverse and captivating attractions worth exploring:

Visit Itálica, an ancient Roman city located near Sevilla. Explore its ruins and marvel at its well-preserved amphitheater, which used to host thousands of spectators during Roman times.
Discover the charming city of Carmona, with its impressive historic ensemble and monumental churches. Stroll through its cobblestone streets, visit the Alcázar de la Puerta de Sevilla, and enjoy the panoramic views from its walls.
Explore the picturesque White Villages of the Sierra de Sevilla, where whitewashed houses cling to the hills.


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