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Excursions and activities in Malaga

By choosing Málaga as your next destination, you have chosen light, art and Andalusia in its purest form.

They say that Malaga is the Andalusian paradise. And it is that if there is a destination where you can disconnect and enjoy the sun, that is Malaga. Many of those who visit the city or the famous Costa del Sol are perplexed by its sea, its gastronomy and its people. But although this is a lot, the province of Málaga promises with places as surprising as they are beautiful. Discover the Caminito del Rey, the great Path and thousands of activities and attractions to love this beautiful province and Andalusia in general.

Why visit the city of Malaga?

The city of Malaga is known as the Capital of the Costa del Sol. Perhaps its best definition is that of the quintessential cosmopolitan city of Andalusia. And it is that who knows Spain very well knows that it can be similar to large Spanish cities such as Bilbao, Barcelona and even Valencia.

Precisely for this reason, it is why you should visit Malaga. Because it is cosmopolitan, modern, at the same time classical and historical, and it has so many scenic and monumental beauties that in a single city you will find all the entertainment you need for a very good vacation.

Picasso’s city can be seen from as many perspectives as the painter himself showed in his work. You can see the Malaga of Picasso, you can see the monumental Malaga, you can even see the bullfighting Malaga that he captured in his work.

Essential to visit in the city of Malaga

And although Malaga is one of those Destinations that must be fully consumed, in every corner and in every corner you will find beauty. We leave you the essentials to visit in the city of Malaga:

Castles are always a recommendation in all places. The Castle of Gibraltar is, in addition to a historical lighthouse and Phoenician origin, a place with impressive views of the sea and the city. This Castle is part of a fortified complex that reaches the Alcazaba, both extending along the entire hill. Leaving impressive views, with a panoramic view of the city. And it is that this was a strategic and historical site, where many civilizations fought to exercise control.

Lose yourself in one of the monumental complexes that are preserved almost intact on the Andalusian palatine city, which was once the city of ancient palaces, gardens and fortresses that housed the court of the Nasrid Kingdom.

The most museum-like Málaga is in the capital, because with more than 36 museums, the city can be defined as a reference place for museum tourism.

The best thing about Malaga museums is that most of them are in the center of the city and enjoying them is easier.

If we have to highlight some of the best museums in Malaga, we would say that you cannot miss:


  • Picasso museum
  • Carmen Thyssen Museum
  • Malaga Museum
  • Center Pompidou Malaga
  • Interactive Museum of Music


In addition to being very attentive to the temporary exhibitions and the artists and events around the fine arts that congregate there regularly.

In the historic centers of the great Spanish destinations we will find the great cathedral churches, and in Malaga this fact is not going to be less. And it is that the Cathedral of Malaga is the most impressive monument of the Historic Center of Malaga.

Originally it was not complete, and honoring the charisma of Malaga, its people began to affectionately call the Cathedral “Manquita”, despite the fact that its full name is Cathedral of the Incarnation of Malaga. A cathedral originally Gothic in style and finished in a Renaissance style. History, architectural styles and beauty define it.

If you walk through the Old Town of Malaga and at the foot of the Alcazaba hill, we will find the Roman remains of the Gran Teatro Romano de Málaga. A unique place that shows that the presence of the Roman Empire in the city was important.

The Old Malacca is thus shown with a theater that, although it is of medium size, part of the cavea (the public stands) and the Orchestra, decorated with large marble slabs, are preserved in good condition.

The stage in the background with an ornamental facade decorated with openings, columns and sculptures that some are still preserved. The best thing is that there is the possibility of complementing the visit with a stop at the interpretation center.

Another of the great must-sees in Málaga city is to walk through the city’s “Mercado Central” shipyard market, which dates back to the end of the 19th century.

A market born from a building of Nasrid origin and a later naval workshop that today sports a visually attractive design and structure. Although it is best to share the purchases of fresh produce with the neighbors, enjoy its bars and atmosphere.

The most impressive shopping and shopping street in the center of Malaga is undoubtedly Calle Larios. Hundreds of people visit it daily to do their shopping and at Christmas it is famous for the light show and decoration that exists in it.

Calle Larios, as it is commonly known, is Calle Marqués de Larios and is the most typical for each event or tradition. From the Malaga film festival to Christmas, Easter or August… it is the place of delight par excellence to enjoy the cosmopolitan nature of this city.

The best of the province of Malaga

Malaga is not just the city, it is one of the eight Andalusian provinces located to the south and which is bathed along its entire coast by the Mediterranean Sea. The famous Costa del Sol, the province where places like Marbella, Nerja or Torremolinos are located.

A province where the sea stands out with more than 160 kilometers of coastline, or the best marinas in the south, it also stands out for the large number of golf courses and its interior. Places with unique natural landscapes and mountains, picturesque towns and caves or archaeological sites that are spread between the coast and the interior.

So if you want to see and get to know the province of Malaga you cannot miss:

The most visited place of adventure, landscape and beauty in the interior of the province of Malaga. The famous Caminito del Rey is one of those must-sees if you are in the city. You can visit them with us from Malaga or also if you are in other cities like Granada.

Come and discover a place as wonderful as it is authentic.

One of the ways to unify and travel around Malaga for lovers of hiking. And it is that the Diputación de Málaga carried out a route like this in order to unite in a tourist product a way of walking through the nature of Malaga, doing sports and tourism. All at the same time.

For this reason, we suggest that if you came with a lot of time, this is the way to do a route that enters the interior of the province with more than 900 kilometers, the great path is a route divided into 35 stages and 6 variants, crossing 9 counties and 54 urban areas.

Although the Great Path of Malaga is not a place in itself, we believe that it is an important way to get to know the province, since as many have defined it, the Great Path of Malaga is a kind of “Camino De Santiago through the Province of Malaga”. ” that will allow you to know 4 natural parks, towns and the essence of Malaga.

Antequera Pueblo, the Dolmens that make up its archaeological complex or the Torcal, are the three main reasons that justify moving from the city of Malaga to the interior, towards Granada.

And it is so impressive to walk through the Torcal and its spectacular karstic landscapes. Some whimsical rocky shapes that will make you feel on another planet, country or state. And it is that there are no others in Spain that are so spectacular and with a Jurassic origin and seabed that have been declared a natural area belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Archaeological Ensemble of the Antequera dolmens also impresses with its large rocks placed to prepare the mound that became a burial ground centuries ago. How it is placed, its shapes and why… is a mystery in many cases, legends in others. Knowing everything and more is possible with Discovering Spain if you are in Granada or Malaga.

Although Nerja is essential not only for its caves but also for its beaches or its Balcón de Europa, which is clear that you should not miss the Caves. And it is that it is a wonder of nature, a cavity in the rock that can be visited and even see stalactites and stalagmites through all the galleries.

The must-see on the Malaga coast is Frigiliana, because this is one of those beautiful, white and charming towns that reminds us of the towns on the Greek coasts. An authentic Mediterranean town at its best.

Like Frigiliana, it is a must in the Province of Malaga. A town with white cobbled streets, where you can take impressive photos. A full-fledged white town that also has an oval bullring, a singularity, since it is not normal to find bullrings with this shape.

In addition, Mijas is famous for its Donkey-taxi, which, as the name indicates, is a way of getting around the municipality on a donkey. A curious and unique way of traveling, which, in addition to being fun, is safe for the animal and is that according to the town hall and those responsible, the donkey is very well cared for and is an essential figure in the municipality.

As the place of maximum expression of bullfighting and flamenco from Malaga, we find the impressive city of Ronda. Our tours around the city and with departures from Malaga and Granada have the particularity of turning a trip into an immersive experience in the city.
La calle Larios como comúnmente se la conoce, es la Calle Marqués de Larios y es la más típica en cada evento o tradición. Desde el festival de cine Málaga pasando por Navidad, Semana Santa o Agosto… es el lugar de deleite por excelencia para disfrutar de lo cosmopolita de esta ciudad.

Ardales a town that is located in the center of the province of Malaga. A town to which part of the Caminito del Rey belongs and which also stands out for its heritage. And among the most impressive places we find the Ardales cave, a place of prehistoric interest, cave paintings and which has an interpretation center to complement the visit.

In the municipal term of Ardales we find another place that you must visit, the Bobastro Ruins. It is an old town where Omar Ben Hafsún settled, a rebel who settled in the place after rising up against the troops of the Omegas, the reigning dynasty in Córdoba, and which he faced since the 880 year in which he revolted and until 919. It was a mythical fortress that was built on rock and was impregnable.

Today you can visit and see what is preserved, and it is a key site to understand the origin of the
Al Andalus. In addition to the ruins, you can also visit the Mozarabic Basilica. An exponent of architecture linked to the bedrock, an exceptional example of architecture and heritage.


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