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What to see in Cordoba

Córdoba is one of the most important and special cities in southern Spain.

This magnificent city has been the capital of Hispania during Roman times, and of the Caliphate of Córdoba during Muslim times.
Example of mixing cultures and religions.

Throughout this post, you will discover with Discovering Spain the essential places to see and visit in Córdoba, so that you can make the most of the city and discover all the hidden secrets.

1. Cathedral Mosque

The Cathedral Mosque is undoubtedly the most emblematic monument of Córdoba city.

A unique place in the world, where Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Mudejar styles coexist in harmony and create a visual effect and contrast unique in the world that will not leave any visitor indifferent.

2. Alcázar of the Christian kings

Some places have witnessed decisive moments in history, and they are time machines that allow us to teleport to those events.

The Alcázar of the Christian kings is one of these sites. Built-in 1328 and in Mudejar style, it was the residence of the Catholic Monarchs during the reconquest of Granada.
Can you imagine all the decisions and conversations that must have taken place there?

Furthermore, in this place, Christopher Columbus asked the kings for help to undertake the journey that would lead him to discover America.

It is worth visiting every corner of the monument but we recommend walking around and getting lost in its gardens, which invite you to meditate and relax.

3. Roman Bridge

The city of Córdoba has been Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Roman.

Part of the city’s Roman legacy is this bridge, which for centuries was the only entrance to the city of Córdoba. It is made up of 15 arches and measures 331 meters.

You can cross it at any time of the day but the sunset with the view of the bridge, the river, and the Mosque in the background is one of the most beautiful sights and a wonderful memory to take with you from your visit.

4. Jewish Quarter

Visiting the Jewish quarter is like walking through a typical Andalusian town without leaving the city.

Its narrow cobblestone streets, its white facades, its colorful pots on the balconies and windows, and the peace that the whole complex transmits make the Jewish quarter another essential thing to see in Córdoba.

The best way to enjoy this part of the city is by walking, getting lost in its streets, and letting yourself be surprised.

5.  Calleja de las flores (Flower Alley)

The most Instagrammable street in Córdoba, and no wonder due to its incomparable beauty.

This alley full of flowers and with the view of the mosque in the background will allow you to take the best photo of the trip and flood your social networks with hundreds and thousands of likes.

6. The Courtyards of Córdoba

Patios are another Muslim heritage and another demonstration of the legacy and contrast that we will encounter during our visit.

Typical Muslim houses were built around open spaces that usually had a well for water, vegetation, and flora.

Currently, these open spaces are one of the icons and symbols of Córdoba. They are full of pots and flowers of a thousand colors and are a must-see.

Any time is perfect to contemplate this spectacle but the best time is spring.

7. Calleja del pañuelo (Handkerchief Alley)

Famous for being one of the narrowest streets in Córdoba, for its charm, and its curious history.

The real name of the street is Pedro Jiménez, and it is nicknamed Alley of the Handkerchief because of the old handkerchiefs that gentlemen wore on the lapels of their suits.

Pedro Jiménez refers to a soldier who was part of the well-known thirds of Flanders. He was the one who brought the “Pedro Ximénez” grape variety, being one of the best-known in all of Andalusia.

8. Christ of the Lanterns

Going up the Bailío slope we reach one of the busiest squares in Córdoba, the Plaza de Capuchinos, famous for housing the sculpture of the Christ of the Lanterns.

It receives this name because it is illuminated by 8 lanterns that represent each of the provinces of Andalusia.

It is undoubtedly one of the places of worship in the city, especially for locals.

9. Viana Palace

A hidden gem in the heart of Córdoba.

A complex made up of 12 patios, a garden, and a palace, with more than 5 centuries of history and an example of good taste and what the nobility of the city meant.

It is like the Andalusian Downton Abbey where you can enjoy the explosion of colors of the vegetation in the patios and the exquisiteness of the furniture and paintings inside the palace house.

10. Plaza de las Tendillas

Or as we like to call it, the place to be in Córdoba.

We are in the most commercial area of ​​the city and one of the liveliest places. Whether you are looking for a bar to stop along the way or if you need to do some shopping, Plaza de las Tendillas is your place.

It gets its name from the small artisan shops it housed years ago. Today, another of its most characteristic symbols is the clock on one of its buildings that, instead of chiming, strikes the hours and quarters with the sound of fandango.

Some tips for your visit

  • Start by visiting the Mosque-Cathedral. It is one of the most impressive works of architecture in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Spend some time in the Jewish quarter. This historic neighborhood is a labyrinth of narrow, charming streets, with colorful houses and flowery patios.
  • Enjoy Cordoba gastronomy. The city is famous for its salmorejo, its flamenquines, and its tapas.
  • Learn about the history of Córdoba. The city has a rich legacy, which you can discover by visiting its museums and monuments.

Here are some additional tips to make your visit to Córdoba as pleasant as possible:

  • The best time to visit Córdoba is during spring or autumn when the weather is mild.
  • Córdoba is a very touristy city, so it is advisable to book your accommodations and activities in advance, especially if you travel during the high season.
  • Córdoba is a very accessible city, with a good public transport system.

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