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What to do in Ronda


Ronda, better known as the dream city, is one of the most charming destinations in all of southern Spain.

Just an hour and a half by car from the cosmopolitan city of Malaga and lost among the mountains we find this small city with the soul of an Andalusian village.

Making a list of everything this city offers would take us hours and a full book, but in this post, we will talk about some of the best recommendations on what to do in Ronda to make the most of the city.

1. Discover the bullring

Ronda has a great bullfighting tradition, and whether you like bullfighting or not, a visit to the bullring is a must in Ronda City.

This place appears in works written by Orson Welles or Ernest Hemingway.

These two literary artists had such a relationship with Ronda that Orson Welles’ ashes rested on the El Recreo de San Cayetano estate, owned by the Rivera Ordoñez brothers. Two famous bullfighters in Spain.

2. The view of Puente Nuevo

Without a doubt, the most iconic image of Ronda is the one of  Puente Nuevo. That is why one of the things we must do in Ronda is look at this work of art from all possible perspectives.

Our favorite view is looking at the bridge from below. Don´t you think it’s like watching a scene from a fairy tale? As if suddenly a dragon was going to cross the arches of the bridge like in a scene from Game of Thrones.

3. Enter into the Arab baths

These baths are the best preserved in Europe.

They are truly an architectural jewel from the Nasrid era, they were built between the 13th and 14th centuries.

They are the old Roman baths that were reused by the Muslims.

The building is divided into several rooms: one for cold water baths, one for warm water, and one for hot water, a boiler, and the reception room.
Can you imagine what a day-to-day life would be like in these bathrooms? Keep in mind that they were part of the social, everyday, and daily life of citizens.

4. Visit the house of the Moorish king

House of the Moorish King is a monumental complex from the 18th century that consists of three parts. The water mine, the house, and the garden.

The Mediterranean-style garden was designed by Nicolas Forestier in 1912. Does this name sound familiar to you? He is also the architect of the María Luisa Park in Seville and Montjuic in Barcelona.

The romantic gardens are perfect for strolling but if you have an adventurous soul we recommend going down 200 steps to the water mine, which leads to a natural environment that we cannot describe. You’ll have to find out.

5. Visit the Mondragón Palace

A building that mixes Mudejar and Renaissance architecture and is a must-see if you visit Ronda.

Its origin undoubtedly seems Islamic, based on the structure of the Mudejar palace.

Of the building, of harmonious beauty as a whole, it is worth highlighting in its interior the splendid coffered ceiling that covers the Noble Hall, which is an authentic jewel of the Mudejar tradition.

6. Walk through the Market District

The market neighborhood, in the historic center of Ronda, is like entering a small Andalusian town.
Its whitewashed houses and walking through its narrow streets is like opening a door to the past, to simpler times when time passed a little more slowly.

Tips for visiting Ronda

  • The best time to visit Ronda is during spring or autumn.
    Ronda is a popular tourist destination, so it’s best to book accommodation and activities in advance, especially if you’re visiting during peak season.
  • Ronda is a city that will surely leave you with indelible memories. With its stunning views, rich history, and vibrant culture, Ronda is a must-visit destination for any traveler to Andalusia.

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