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What to discover in Barcelona in 3 days

What to see in Barcelona in 3 days ? because the reality is that it is a city with many places to visit. If you are passing through our country, you can consider that making a stop in this city is obligatory. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. We are a very cosmopolitan city that offers multiple leisure and cultural activities with which you can enjoy this beautiful city in the autonomous community of Catalonia, here we propose What to see in Barcelona in 3 days.

Visit Barcelona in 3 days

Next I’ll summarize a nice visit to Barcelona in 3 days. It is possible to see it in 3 days if we focus on its neighbourhoods, its museums, its gastronomy… You will be able to fall in love with this beautiful city in a few days.

Day 1 – Visit to the city centre of Barcelona

To start your visit to Barcelona, we suggest you visit the city centre, where you can enjoy the Plaza de Catalunya and walk along the Ramblas, an essential place if you travel to Barcelona. When walking I advise you to observe the buildings around you, along your walk along the Ramblas you will find mimes, street painters, flower kiosks … is a street that is always full of people.

Along your route along the Ramblas you will find the Teatro El Liceo, one of the most famous in Barcelona.
From the Ramba you will be able to access narrow streets through which you can enter very mythical neighbourhoods such as the Barrio del Raval, a very colourful neighbourhood where the majority of tourists pass by. We advise you not to overlook it. The Gothic Quarter is the oldest quarter of the city for which it is necessary to get lost and to see its old buildings of the medieval epoch and gothic palaces.

We advise you that one of the stops is in the Boquería Market considered as one of the 10 best markets in the world. There you can find popular fresh produce of the city, and where you can taste delicious juices and the best sausages.

Day 2 – Visit the essential places of Barcelona

A visit to the Sagrada Familia, Gaudí’s work and one of Barcelona’s most visited monuments. I advise you to make this visit with an audio guide and reserve your ticket well in advance. You will be able to enjoy its 18 towers with their three facades where you will see represented the life of Jesus.

We recommend that you come early in the morning, as large queues form, so the view of this day will take half the day. But if you want to avoid it, click here: Sagrada Familia Tour

If you make the visit in the morning at the exit we suggest you take some tapas by the Barrio de Gràcia, is a very colorful area of Barcelona and a neighborhood that attracts the good atmosphere that has from Monday to Sunday. Ideal if what you do is travel with children.
To finish your second day in this beautiful city visit the Güell Park, a public park where you will be immersed in the wonders of Gaudí.

A day 3 for a perfect closing of your excursion to Barcelona

For your last day in the city, I advise you to visit the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau in the morning, one of the buildings declared a World Heritage Site.

And as colophon to the trip date a caprice and if you want to take some gift visit in this same district of the Barceloneta in the area of the Port Vell and to make some purchases in the commercial center.

We hope you enjoyed this 3 day tour to see Barcelona, and if you have not yet visited Barcelona we encourage you to make an escape as soon as you can.

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