What should I know before I walk along the King’s Little Road?

Un grupo de amigos sonríen y posan para la cámara en el Caminito del Rey. Se observan de fondo puentes colgantes y un paisaje montañoso.

The Caminito del Rey has been recognized for some time as a very powerful emerging destination, which generates a great attraction for the thousands of tourists who every day are on the coasts of Andalusia, both from the Costa del Sol and many other parts move daily people wanting to see the famous gorge. In […]

Excursions, Free Tours, Walking tours or on my own?

¿Excursiones, Free Tours, Walking tours o por mi cuenta?

When we travel one of our greatest needs is to take advantage of the little time we have, but we always ask ourselves what will be the best way to know Destiny? Well, as we know that this concerns you, we propose the difference, advantages and disadvantages of each of the ways in which you […]